Risk is a fact of life. Managing the cost of risks to health, security, property, pets, business, and livelihood is what insurance is about.

So there’s no doubt that everyone needs some kind of insurance at every point in their adult life. But figuring out what kind of insurance you need can be overwhelming.

It can also be a stressful process filled with jargon and forms.

But there is an easier way that’s often more effective: using an insurance broker.

Doubtful that a broker can help you find the right insurance to suit your needs?

Here are three reasons why using a broker for insurance services is a smart decision.

1. Specialized Knowledge

There are about twenty kinds of insurance an individual can buy. And half as much more for business owners.

Professional insurance brokers have extensive knowledge about each kind. How it works, who should buy it, what condition to watch for in policy contracts?

You can’t possibly develop that kind of specialized knowledge and insight yourself. Scanning the internet and reading insurance companies’ marketing material can’t compare to daily immersion in the industry.

In-depth knowledge isn’t just about the types of coverage available. It’s also about geography and regional laws and regulations. For example, a Florida-based broker knows the ins and outs of flood insurance.

Having access to that expertise can save you time, money, and heartache.

2. Insurance Services Bundles

How many kinds of insurance do you have? Home, health, life, and car? How about disability, personal umbrella, and pet insurance?

It’s not uncommon for people to have several kinds of insurance policies. Most often, each policy was purchased on its own. That leaves you with extra administration.

A broker can help you bundle your insurance services with one or two providers.

There are several advantages to bundling, including discounts on premiums and consolidated payments.

It’s possible for you to bundle your policies on your own. But when you enlist the help of a broker, you’ll probably get better results.

Seasoned brokers know how to negotiate good discounts. They can streamline paperwork for consolidating your business with a single provider.

3. Comprehensive Service

Help with bundling is only one example of the kind of comprehensive service you get with a broker. The most reputable brokers don’t just want you to buy policies.

They want you to have the right policies that fit your life. By getting to know you and your family, the broker can identify insurance gaps you might have overlooked.

A professional broker also wants you to understand your policies before you buy them. They’re also ready to serve you in the unfortunate circumstance of you making a claim.

When you work with that kind of broker, you spend less time worrying about insurance. Many people find their stress levels go down quite a bit when seeking insurance coverage. And the same is true during any claim process.

Choosing a Broker

No one wants an insurance services broker who wastes your time or tries to sell you something you don’t need or understand.

Pay attention to referrals and reviews. Don’t fall for brokers who offer only online quotes, don’t assess your unique needs, circumstances, and finances.

Also, find a broker who understands where you live. Insurance requirements, premiums, and contracts can vary by state.

We’ve been serving Southwest Florida for more than 40 years. We work hard to give our customers comfort in knowing they are adequately insured.

If you’re ready to gain that kind of comfort and confidence, contact us today!

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