The Sunshine State averages a 50% higher cost than the national average for insurance, so you can’t afford to make the wrong decision when it comes to securing your house. But you also don’t want to move, because living in Florida is fantastic.

Buying home insurance can be tricky: you need to make sure you’re covered enough, but not too much that your bills are through the roof. The roof that you hope to keep over your head through hurricanes, floods and sinkholes, and tropical storms, to name a few.

Florida experiences flooding more than any other state in the U.S., so when you’re shopping around, be sure to keep the weather in mind. In addition to this, and your geographic location, there are many other factors to consider when purchasing home insurance in Florida.

These tips will help you make sure you get the best coverage out there.

Home Insurance in Florida: Things to Consider

Where is your house located?

What is the dwelling value?

What is the type of construction used?

These are just some of the questions you’ll need to ask yourself when purchasing home insurance this year. Here’s some more:

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

A lot of skeptics attempt to avoid this insurance – and we get it – but the unpredictability of massive storms is reason enough to at least consider flood insurance be included in your home insurance policy.

If you disagree, Google Hurricane Irma.

What About Hurricane/Storm Insurance?

The same consideration applies here. According to NASA, hurricanes are the most violent storms on Earth. And while Florida has experienced less than 50 hurricane landfalls, some have been particularly devastating.

I Should Compare and Contrast, Right?

Some big-name insurance companies use their big name to give you a big bill with even lower coverage.

Don’t get fooled into paying more than you have to. Prices can vary drastically from company to company. Picking up the phone, setting the second appointment, and going beyond your first quoted price is key to making sure you’re not getting played.

Should I Contemplate Using an Independent Agent?

These guys can help you shop around. Not only that, their knowledge of insurance companies will help you make the right decision. Spend a little on an agent, and save a lot on your quote.

What Is Not Covered by My Insurance?

Make sure you are aware of what is covered and what is not (i.e., flood insurance). This could mean the difference between getting back the money you deserve and floundering for stability. Draw up a list which clearly states what you are getting – and what you are not.

Our Next Advice: Buy Now

Don’t be one of the people that thinks their home is covered, only to find out that the 80% of flooding damages were not, in fact, insured.

With hurricane season right around the corner (June 1st, people!), the sooner you insure, the better. Preventative action is key to making sure you don’t get financially screwed out of your home. Keep you and your family where you belong.

There’s no question that you need insurance: you do. The only question is how to find the best home insurance in Florida for YOU. Shop around, don’t be afraid to ask for other quotes, and your research will inform and aid in your decision.

If you have any questions along the way, let the experts know.

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