When it comes to protecting your antique cars in the “sunshine state,” make sure that the right coverage is purchased. There are quite a few differences in coverage when it comes to vintage cars compared to regular automobiles. Don’t worry, hot rods can still be fully covered.

In Fort Myers, Florida, you will see many older-style cars driving the streets because the weather is usually nice in this part of the state. Car shows at beaches are a wonderful past-time to share with the entire family. Protecting your vehicle and staying safe on the road go hand-in-hand.

Figuring out how to protect your classic is fairly simple. Most cars aren’t covered if someone accidentally dents your door while you’re enjoying the car show. Your antique can actually be covered if this happens while you’re out and about. One less headache to worry about while enjoying the sunny weather in Florida.

If you participate in the car shows, getting the car to another country can sometimes be a hassle with regular car insurance. If the car is filed under an antique policy, the arrangements to ship the car can be handled by the insurance company. You can use the extra time to get ready for the trip.

When something inevitably happens to your prized-possession, it can be hard to locate and purchase replacement parts. Having a classic car insurance policy can cover many replacement parts for a vintage vehicle that a standard policy won’t. This is true sometimes even if you’re not the one at fault.

A perfect example of this is when you’re involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault. When you sign up for an antique insurance contract, there will be an “agreed value” which is set in stone once you place your signature on the form. This means that if the car suffers a complete loss, the value you agreed upon will be endorsed to you.

Hot rods and other heavily-modded vehicles can also fall under the classic car policy. An insurance company will take a look at the paint job and see if it classifies under the policy. Usually if the paint job is $10,000 or more, it can be categorized under a modified vehicle policy like this.

Vintage cars that are no longer in production, like the 1920’s version of the Mercedes Benz might be covered as well. The perfection of the way these cars are made will depend greatly on the policy you can receive. Keep it in ship-shape form to get the best policy prices.

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