Importance of Antique Car Insurance

SW Florida Antique Car Insurance
Do you have a hobby? If so, there’s a good chance it can get expensive. This stands very true for those of you who restore and/or collect antique cars. Even a car from more than 60 years ago can run you more than $50,000. Because of this, there is no denying the true value of antique car insurance. The value of an antique car also fluctuates wildly, depending on how many are out there and how well it has been restored. Unfortunately, many people don’t get adequate coverage to cover the true value of their antique cars.

In the Southwest Florida area, you are eligible to receive an “Antique” license tag if your car is 30 years or older. This coveted blue license plate is the pride and joy of many a Southwest Floridian antique car collector and as the old winter abode of Henry Ford, the area boasts a grand heritage of antique cars and collectors.

If you own an antique car, you need to get in the habit of making sure you maintain insurance on it. Whether you have one car or five, all of them need coverage. You need to understand that antique car insurance is much different than regular automobile insurance plans. An antique car insurance policy is geared toward older cars that tend to be more expensive than regular cars and may even increase in value as they get older. Also, most insurance policies view the antique cars as vehicles that are only driven as a hobby, not as a regular way of transportation. Many antique car insurance providers refer to such a plan as a classic car policy.

Antique Car Insurance
Never should you think that because your antique car is driven only every once in a while that you can go without coverage. Even cars that are driven for fun need insurance. In fact, it is mandated by law that if an antique car is to be driven on the roadway that it have a policy.

An antique car insurance policy usually provides much more protection than a traditional car insurance plan; this is because antique cars tend to be far more expensive than regular automobiles. Getting replacement parts can also be hard, if not impossible. And when you do find them, they can be expensive. Then, you would need to have a knowledge about replacing them or hire a specialist who does. With so many variables, it makes sense having extra coverage.

Even in the great, sunshiny state of Florida, things can go bad. For you and your antique car, make sure you always have an appropriate insurance policy. In doing this, you can rest assured if something goes wrong, your antique car will be protected.
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