Business & Commercial Insurance
Your business represents a considerable investment of time, effort and money. It warrants the service of a company that can provide a comprehensive analysis of all your insurance needs, offer insurance programs that are competitively priced and extend full protection to meet your specific needs.

You need an Insurance Agency that is large enough to market your account to more than one leading insurance carrier, yet focused on providing professional, personalized service.

Our agency Herndon Carr & Company is that caliber of an agency. We provide the kind of quality attention and protection you and your company deserve. Representing more than 15 major carriers, specializing in every type of insurance coverage, we are able, and honored, to assume the responsibility of meeting your insurance needs

A sample of commercial insurance coverages available from Herndon Carr & Company:

  • Commercial Property
    Businesses purchase commercial property insurance to protect the organization’s buildings and personal property in the event of a loss. Coverage also typically includes the protection of personal property that belongs to others and is located on the organization’s premises and is in the policy holder’s possession. The policy may insure the organization against specific risks, or its coverage may be all-encompassing.
  • Builders Risk
    A type of coverage that indemnifies against damage that may occur to buildings when they are still under construction, a builder’s risk policy may also cover construction fixtures, materials, and equipment that is used onsite during the construction process. In general, new constructions and improvements only become the property of a land owner once the construction or improvement process is complete. Therefore, the builder must carry insurance to project the project against potential risks in the interim.
  • Inland Marine
    The idea of inland marine insurance was an offshoot of ocean marine insurance that was commonly offered in London for cargo that was traditionally moved by sea. In the United States, this category of insurance generally includes items that are either in transit, held by a bailee, movable goods that often change locations, or are located at a fixed location that also happens to be a means of transportation.
  • General Liability
    Also referred to as commercial general business liability insurance, general liability coverage protects a business’ assets in the event that the business or one or more of its employees cause bodily harm or damage to individuals or property. Legal fees, settlement awards, and medical expenses are also generally covered if the policy holder is sued.
  • Commercial Automobile
    Commercial automobile insurance covers a company’s vehicles that are used in conducting business. Although the commercial automobile insurance policies may seem similar to personal automobile coverage, commercial coverage was created for a very specific purpose and can have different stipulations regarding eligibility, exclusions, limits, and definitions. Business owners should seek to add vehicles that do not otherwise qualify for personal auto insurance coverage to a commercial policy.
  • Commercial Umbrella
    Commercial umbrella insurance exceeds the coverage that is afforded to business owners by their standard liability insurance policies. Businesses may receive multi-million dollar coverage against losses that are the result of catastrophic lawsuits. Accidents that cause substantial injuries, product defect cases, and class action suits may all result in major losses to a business; commercial umbrella insurance adds and extra layer of protection against these larger lawsuits.
  • Professional Liability
    Also known as professional indemnity insurance or errors & omissions, professional liability insurance protects individuals who work in professions in which they provide advice or services to clients. In the event that a client files a civil suit against the professional adviser, professional liability coverage would prevent the adviser from bearing the full cost or the plaintiff’s damages.
  • Employee Benefits Liability
    Businesses take on employee benefits liability insurance to compensate employees who sustain work-related injuries and are not compensated due to a logistical error that was caused by the company. The coverage makes payments in instances in which an injured employee files suit and is rightfully entitled to the compensation he or she was denied due to an oversight. A clerical error that affects the employee’s health coverage-related paperwork would be an example of an instance that would be covered.
  • Employment Practices Liability
    A product that is increasing in popularity, employment practices liability insurance indemnifies a business against claims an employees may file stemming from the abuse of certain employee rights. Discrimination cases that involve age, gender, race, religion, genetic information, sexual harassment, retaliation, and equal pay are examples of lawsuits against which an EPL policy would protect the policy holder.
  • Cyber Liability
    Cyber liability insurance covers a variety of instances, including data breach, multimedia liability cases involving intellectual property rights infringement allegations, network security cases in which the policy holder is found liable for damages that result from data theft, and extortion liability. Some areas that are covered by CLC insurance may overlap with coverage that is provided by other types of commercial insurance.
  • Fidelity & Surety Bonds
    Businesses are often required by law to hold surety or fidelity bonds. Insurance companies offer surety bonds to ensure that a commercial client will be able to fulfill obligations like contractual requirements or government mandates. Fidelity bonds protect a business’ assets from fraud and theft.
  • Workers’ Compensation
    This coverage is designed to meet the workers’ compensation laws of your state. Workers’ compensation coverage provides protection for injured workers and supporting protection through employer’s liability coverage.
  • Commercial Liability
    Provides coverage including defense for liabilities associated with operating a commercial business enterprise. Policies are tailored to meet the specific risk management needs of your business. Types of commercial liabilities include General Liability and more specifically, Contractor Liability, Cyber Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Errors & Omissions Liability, Liquor Liability, Pollution Liability, Professional Liability, Umbrella and Excess Liability. Speak to one of our representatives to find out what you need.
  • Commercial Insurance Catered to Your Type of Business
    Wokers compensation provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees who become ill or injured through the course of their employment. In return, the employee relinquishes his or her right to sue the employer for damages stemming from the work-related cause of the injury or illness. All states require employers to carry workers compensation insurance.

The companies we represent may even offer you the opportunity to package many of these coverages within a single policy.