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At Herndon Carr & Co, we offer businesses throughout Florida a broad range of Group Benefits services, including enrollment coordination of their plans. This allows your business to focus on profit-generating activities instead of employee benefit administration.Employee Benefits for all types of business and industry


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    Rising medical costs and regulatory changes have many employers rethinking their employee compensation packages, including their Group Health offering. For example, enrollment in health savings accounts is surging as more employers are moving to consumer-driven health care plans.

    At Herndon Carr & Co, we work with a broad range of top healthcare providers and know how important Health Insurance flexibility and the ability to design a Health plan option can be.

    In addition to providing fee-for-service, HMO, and PPO plans, we can provide you with Group Health plans that include:

    • A partial self-funding approach that uses stop-loss insurance to cap potential losses
    • Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) that allow employees to reserve funds against future health claims and save unused funds for futures uses
    • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs), consumer-directed funds contributed and managed by employers that are often available in combination with HSAs using employee funds

    Herndon Carr & Co can also look at options for you to provide fully paid coverage, high-deductible plans, or offer generous subsidies on health insurance premiums. Plus, we can help you implement a Wellness Program that educates employees on better health risk management, cost reduction, and improved productivity through reduced employee absenteeism.


    At Herndon Carr & Co, we know offering employee compensation packages that are attractive and competitive are decisive factors in the search for new talent and in the area of employee retention. We also understand the need for these packages to be affordable. As such, we will work with you to offer your company new ways to enhance your benefits package while providing cost-effective and attractive healthcare options.

    This includes making Group Dental insurance available, which can be designed to offer several options, including:

    • A high level of coverage (may include special procedures such as crowns and bridges, dentures, etc.) in addition to regular cleanings, cavity repair, root canals, etc., and maintenance and preventative care. The participating dentists are paid directly based on a set fee schedule. Your employees pay the coinsurance fee.
    • Lower coverage levels for some services, with a higher coinsurance paid by employees. The participating dentists are paid directly based on a set fee schedule, with employees paying the coinsurance.
    • Non-participating plans where set dentist fees are not established. Employees will receive the plan-allowed reimbursement based on the fee schedule for non-participating dentists. A non-participating dentist can bill the employees the difference between plan’s fee schedule and the dentist’s fee.

    Herndon Carr & Co has a number of long-term relationships with dental providers to provide your company with carefully designed and cost-effective plans.


    Most agree that Life insurance is an important piece of the financial health puzzle, yet studies show that many don’t purchase a policy. One major report from a national life insurer indicates that, while 51% of those surveyed are “deeply concerned” about the impact their premature death would have on their family’s security, only about two-thirds of them actually have Life insurance. Additionally, 41% of those with Life insurance claim they might be underinsured.

    After nearly 40 years of serving businesses throughout Florida, Herndon Carr & Co understands that when an employer contributes to the stability and security of their employees by adding Group Life insurance to their benefits package, it’s a winning proposition for both the company and its staff. Providing the ability to purchase Life insurance is a great way of offering a more attractive, flexible package that can be shaped and molded by you and your employees.

    We can present you with a number of different types of Group Life plans and will work with you to determine which option will best fit your employees’ needs and your overall benefits package.

    You will be able to offer a variety of plans with any amount of face value. Best of all, the amount of Life insurance you provide is entirely up to you. We will review with you all of the factors that go in to this decision and serve as your advisors along the way.

    Enhanced employee benefits result in increased employee satisfaction and retention.

    Group Life insurance can be used to provide employee security and help boost loyalty and productivity, the foundation of business growth. Herndon Carr & Co can assist you in providing a plan that contributes in offering a safety net to employees and their loved ones.