Golf carts are versatile vehicles. They are not only used on the golf course but are often found in retirement villages, small private communities, and other areas where normal vehicle traffic is prohibited. There are many places in the country where golf carts are street legal.

Much like regular automobiles, golf carts should be insured. There are different types of coverage. There are insurance options that cover things such as cart repair, as well as injury, which is helpful in the event that there are mechanical repairs needed or if the cart sustains body damage. Even though a golf cart is a small vehicle, it can be costly to repair. If you need to do major body work because of a collision with another vehicle, or if you have to deal with engine troubles, it will be beneficial to have insurance to pay for the expenses.

Additional insurance options include coverage in the event that an accident occurs with an uninsured driver. There are also insurance options that will cover transporting the golf cart. Many people use a trailer or hitch to transport their golf cart. In the event that the golf cart becomes damaged in transit, it is a good idea to have coverage.

Individuals who own golf carts might also want to check to see if they can bundle the insurance option with their current automobile insurance. If not, then they can find other companies that specialize in handling non-automobile insurance. It is not a good idea to own and operate a golf cart without insurance. Even if you are a safe driver, there are things that are outside your control. These include: engine trouble, reckless drivers, and acts of God. Any one of these things can end up costing you quite a lot of money. You want to be safe and well prepared for any event. Insurance will cover you and prevent a big expense should any unfortunate event arise.


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