Homeowners Insurance Fort Myers

Home insurance creates a safety net that protects your family’s home from catastrophic loss. Your home and your possessions are important to you for financial as well as emotional reasons, and they deserve protection from events that can take them away from you. Home insurance provides security for your most valuable investment, giving you the peace of mind that allows you to enjoy your comfortable home, condo or rental apartment. Mortgage providers require insurance coverage on a home, but every home owner needs it.

Learning about Coverage Options for Home Owners

Home insurance provides coverage to protect your home from major damage from man made and natural causes except floods. A flexible schedule of prices based on your needs and recommendations of your insurance agent allows you to select the type of coverage that is best for your home, including these:

Dwelling Coverage

The cost of rebuilding or repairing your Florida home after a disaster caused by a lightening strike, fire, wind or hail is included in the dwelling coverage of your home owner’s policy. The amount of coverage is usually based on the amount required to replace your home if it is a total loss in a disastrous event. Florida home owners do not typically need coverage for damage from earthquakes, but a state that has water all around can experience floods. You need a separate policy for flood insurance, and your agent can recommend earthquake coverage if you want it.

Coverage for Other Structures

Your home owner’s policy covers damage to structures that are attached to your home as well as those that are free standing, including your garage, a work shed or cottage and fences on your property.

Personal Property Coverage

Your policy provides reimbursement for personal items such as your furniture, electronic equipment, clothes and sporting goods that

are damaged or ruined in a loss that results from a covered cause.

Coverage for Loss of Use

Your living expenses and temporary housing are covered if you have to relocate while your home is restored or rebuilt.

Liability Coverage

Lawsuits that result from damage or injury that you cause to other people can generate defense costs that are covered by liability insurance, and the coverage extends to your family members as well.

Additional Coverage for Your Home

Your agent can advise you on a variety of other forms of coverage that may meet your specific insurance needs, including insurance for high-value homes.

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