Quite a number of people living in southwest Florida are comfortably retired. For many of them, being comfortably retired does not mean they have stopped working altogether. They might have several business ventures in which they are still involved. Small business owners may be phasing themselves out of the daily operation of their ventures. In the process of doing so, they are moving more and more responsibilities to their spouses, children, or other heirs.

Not everyone may think of the value of a life insurance policy when the subject of small business costs and expenditures arises and this is most unfortunate. If the main proprietor of the business passes away before the transition in ownership is completed, then the new owners might find several major problems arising. A settlement from a life insurance policy may very well be able to cover a host of the costs stemming from the unfortunate aftermath of a loved one’s passing.

The issues the family members who are now the owners of the business may have to contend with include:

* Absorbing losses on the business as a result of closure and downtime in the immediate weeks after a loved one has passed away.

* Hiring personnel to take over the duties and responsibilities the recently deceased was responsible for handling.

* Having a cash resources capable of funding the business until the new owners can get the business running at optimal levels.

* Covering all the costs associated with either expanding or, for that matter, selling the business.

When a person is suffering from a serious malady that is terminal, there is the possibility of slowly transitioning into life without the loved one being around. If the passing is quick and unexpected, not only does the family have to deal with a massive amount of shock, the family members end up being caught off guard in relation to the business responsibilities they will have to deal with. These responsibilities have to be taken care of immediately and costs are involved. An appropriate settlement from a life insurance policy may be able to cover all or a major part of the financial costs.

Those entrepreneurs who wish to leave a business to family definitely should look into options for a life insurance policy. Doing so simply makes good sense.

Herndon Carr
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