Today we are living in a litigious society, more than ever before. Lawsuits, whether based on real or imagined facts, are being filed against private citizens and companies at an alarming rate. Even if a lawsuit is found to be baseless, the time and money consumed on legal fees to defend against it can be disheartening. Personal possessions are at risk, the same personal possessions that took years of hard work to accumulate.

Most Floridians possess more than just their own car. They may also possess one or two homes, rental property, an RV, a motorcycle, a boat, or other valuable items. Current insurance policies on these items do offer some protection up to the limit of coverage, but normal insurance limits do not provide enough protection against lawsuits.

Below are common examples of lawsuits that are placed against ordinary Americans:

  • Personal Injury
  • Negligence
  • Housing Discrimination Lawsuits
  • Wrongful Death
  • Eviction Lawsuits
  • Property Accident Lawsuits
  • Pet Injuries
  • Defamation Lawsuits

New categories of lawsuits are being created every day, and their success or failure often only depends on the creativity and experience of the lawyers involved.

What An Umbrella Policy Does

umbrella protection for your family

An umbrella insurance policy acts as a wide safety net beneath your current insurance policy. It provides additional money for the threat of lawsuits when your current insurance isn’t enough, to insure that your assets are protected. The amount of coverage begins at one million dollars, and can be purchased for amounts even higher than that, usually up to five million dollars.

The types of liability protection are also expanded. Several types of accidents are covered by this insurance. You can also be covered for lost wages due to court appearances, and for attorney fees. Your coverage follows you and protects you, even when you travel out of the country. The average cost is minimal compared to the amount of coverage, less than a dollar a day.

Considering how easy it is today to get involved in a nasty lawsuit, umbrella insurance is a great protection against the severest storms of life.

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