Insurance Coverage

Herndon Carr & Co. headquartered in Fort Myers, Fla. specializes in providing a variety of insurance for its clients. We offer policies to protect homeowners and renters when a disaster such as a hurricane occurs. Individuals living in Cape Coral, Fort Myers and surrounding areas should financially prepare to protect their property and possessions from losses incurred due to fire, theft or weather. There are several types of insurance protection, and now is the best time to verify that you have the coverage needed to repair or replace items.

Renter’s Insurance

Someone renting an apartment or home may not realize how many possessions they own. If a hurricane causes damage such as a leaking roof to your property, then the water will cause massive problems for your furniture, appliances and electronics. With renter’s insurance, you can contact an agent to receive a check to repair or buy the necessities needed to refurnish a rental property.

Condo Insurance

If you are living in a condominium in Florida, then you probably think everything in the building is protected by insurance. However, this is not true, leading to financial problems when a disaster such as a fire or hurricane occurs. While you may have an insurance policy as part of a condominium’s membership fee, it typically has exclusions on interior structures and does not cover personal possessions.

Homeowner’s Insurance

A home is the most valuable item you own, making homeowner’s insurance a necessity. In the rush of moving into a new house, you may have neglected reading the policy carefully. Now is the time to determine the type of policy you purchased to determine if an upgrade with additional coverage is needed.

Flood Insurance

While you may have homeowner’s insurance because it is a requirement made by mortgage lenders, it is likely the policy does not include flooding incidents. This means a separate policy is necessary to cover flooding caused by situations such as earthquakes, hurricanes and landslides. If you live near a Florida shoreline, then consider how easily water could flood a home due to a natural disaster.

Umbrella Insurance

The liability insurance you have with other policies may only provide a small amount of coverage when it is needed. In addition, liability coverage with a homeowner’s policy often has exclusions. Contact an insurance agent today about an umbrella policy that covers situations such as invasion of privacy, libel and false arrest. This additional insurance also begins to pay out for certain situations when other policies are exhausted.

High Value Home Insurance

Policyholders living in larger homes with a high financial value often require additional insurance to protect their investment. If your mortgage company required only a particular amount of coverage for a building, then it is time to determine if it is enough. Because Florida has many luxury homes, contacting a reputable insurance agency such as Herndon Carr & Co. is a great way to learn more about the policies you need.

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