As an insurance agent in Florida, I am always on the alert when there are storm watches and warnings. I think about my clients and hope that none of them will have to endure the devastation of a serious claim. I started thinking about Hurricane Sandy that hit the northeast coast of the US last fall. I remember the feelings I had watching the events unfolding. The rising tides, torrential rains, and storm surge were nothing less than devastating. No one expected that amount of water to come ashore and do so much damage and unfortunately, most of those people were without proper flood insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, high tides, flooding from rains and storm surge are NOT covered under your homeowner policy. Many people think that if their lender doesn’t require that they purchase flood insurance they aren’t likely to have a flood loss. That is simply not true. As we have seen, floods can happen at any time! Did you know that the entire State of Florida is in a flood zone? Floods are the most common of ALL natural disasters. Did you know you are 5 times more likely to suffer a loss from a flood than from a fire? The chances only increase if you live in a non-standard flood zone.

As an insurance agent, I strongly feel that everyone should have flood insurance. I want to help you to avoid the burden of an un-covered flood claim. Flood insurance is far more affordable that you may think. Rates start at less than $1.00 per day. With hurricane season just around the corner, now is the best time to get your coverage into place.

I am urging you to pick up the phone and call us so that we can help you with a flood policy for your home. Please don’t be one of the thousands that are caught without this important coverage when Mother Nature shows up at your door step.