Understand Condominium Insurance Requirements

The residents of Cape Coral and Fort Myers, Fla., may think that it isn’t necessary to have insurance for a condominium, but in many cases, having coverage is part of an association’s regulations. Before buying a condominium in Florida, read the rules about having insurance coverage as part of maintaining legal tenancy. A condominium insurance policy is customized to provide unique coverage that might include structural damage. These policies differ slightly from the typical homeowner or renter’s insurance policy but offer great value and financial protection. It is important to remember that an association’s insurance rules may include condominiums that people live in year-round or seasonally.

We Determine Regional Primary Risks

Fortunately, there are great insurance companies such as Herndon Carr & Co., located in Cape Coral, Fla., that have friendly agents ready to help clients choose the best insurance coverage needed for a condominium in the area. In business since 1974, Herndon Carr & Co. agents understand the specialized requirements of condominium insurance in Florida to provide financial protection for situations such as hurricane damage. An agent can determine the primary risks in each geographic zone to help customers understand the insurance coverage needed for a condominium’s interior or exterior structures.

Situations that Create Liability for Owners

In addition, each agent can read a condominium association’s contracts to verify that a client has an adequate policy. In many cases, a condominium unit owner is liable for the damages caused due to intentional misconduct, negligence or failing to follow an association’s guidelines. There are numerous situations where a condominium owner becomes liable for damages such as causing a fire by forgetting to turn off a stove’s burner or accidentally causing a flood by allowing a bathtub to overflow. A tenant signing a contract to buy a condominium is also responsible for their guests.

Getting a Free Quote

This responsibility extends to family members and unrelated individuals who are either alone or with the owner in the unit when the damage occurs. Damage occurring outside is often the financial responsibility of a condominium owner in situations such as damaging a building’s siding or a roof from a fire caused by a barbecue grill. The first thing to do when buying a condominium is contact Herndon Carr & Co. with a telephone call or online form to get a free quote.

Choose Affordable and Customized Policies

Our agents make having condominium insurance easy by remaining reachable when clients have questions. We offer reasonable rates that are affordable for clients from every walk of life. Our agents provide reliable service by discussing claims with clients and condominium association representatives. Customers can count on us to respond fast when they have questions concerning making claims due to windstorm, fire or water damage to a condominium’s structures. Our agents customize policies to meet each client’s needs such as theft or liability coverage in addition to protection for weather or fire disasters.

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