Protecting your home or business has never been more confusing. With various investments in home and business protection and frustrating regulations, it can seem almost impossible to know how to protect your assets best.

Homeowners in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, and all over Southwest Florida may be left wondering if they need Florida flood insurance to be protected.

While this coverage isn’t mandatory for your mortgage unless you live in a flood zone, you could still face financial ruin without the right protection.

Forecasters are already predicting an active 2018 hurricane season. And even if Southwest Florida doesn’t bear the brunt of a storm, it could result in floods.

Here’s why you need flood insurance:

1. You Live in a Flood Zone

Even homeowners who own their house outright are in serious jeopardy if they live in a designated flood zone and don’t have the proper insurance. Unfortunately, some homeowners believe they are saving money if their mortgage company doesn’t mandate the coverage.

But the reason mortgage companies mandate coverage in those areas is the high risk involved. You aren’t saving money; you are just taking on more risk.

Is flood insurance necessary in Florida? Definitely yes if you live in a flood zone.

2. Your Homeowner’s Insurance Won’t Do

If you have looked at your homeowner’s insurance policy lately, you might notice coverage for flooding. So many homeowners feel protected by this clause and don’t learn the ugly truth until it’s too late.

The floods your homeowner’s insurance protects against are ones that originate from water inside your home. If the flooding is from storms, a storm surge, or drainage issues you are out of luck.

Water that originates from outside the home is not covered.

3. FEMA Won’t Foot The Bill

Many residents of Southwest Florida wonder: Is flood insurance necessary when FEMA may help out after a storm?

The answer is an absolute yes. FEMA may offer flood mitigation assistance grants, but the amounts will not be enough to recover all of your losses.

You may suffer huge losses if you depend on FEMA alone.

4. Rising Water Levels and Storms

It’s not your imagination. We are seeing more storms with more flooding in Florida these days.

And there is no end in sight anytime soon. It’s a good time to have flood insurance for all residents of Southwest Florida.

Get The Best in Florida Flood Insurance

Once you realize how beneficial flood insurance is for protecting your assets, there is only one question. Who should you trust with your insurance needs?

Herndon Carr & Co. Insurance can help. We have been providing commercial and personal insurance products and services in Southwest Florida since 1974.

Plus, we are an insurance broker. That means we offer insurance policies from numerous insurance providers for auto, home, life, and health.

Herndon Carr & Co. can get multiple quotes and help you pick the best. When it comes to Florida flood insurance, we can give you the protection and peace of mind you need.

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